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My story... 



my story starts with a spray can a stencil, and the notion that I could tag the streets of LA unnoticed if I put on heels and furs and my fanciest outfit.  Thus...fancyVANDALS was born.


Although the medium has changed, my paradoxical nature remains and shows in every piece I make.  A dash of surrealism, a touch of functionality, and equal parts dirt and dazzle.







I create artistic apparel for the fashionably deviant. 

Identifying more with art than fashion, I moved my business into a warehouse amongst a very eclectic group of artists - builders, painters, welders, set designers, costume makers, and electricians...who were all kind enough to share their knowledge with me.  My skill set continues to grow every day, and I find my passion for art growing exponentially.  I'm a hard core crafter and the  fanciest of VANDALS.  I hope to continue to find new and innovative ways to grow and create    .

hear it in my own words

raw artist interview 2015

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