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Meet DIRT. A classic fancyVANDALS steampunk-inspired work of wearable art. Dark, intricate and mysterious. This hat is a nod to the time of the industrial revolution, displaying old-fashion technologies with a post-apocolyptic flare. Gears, gadgets, rivets, and cogs adorn this hat. Detail around every corner. filled with surprises like Swarovski crystal-coated beetle holding a chain linked to a gear crank. The gear around one eye of the goggles was taken from an 1890's antique clock. Every detail is thought out and intentional. Not only a badass festival hat perfect for burning man or the Edwardian ball but an amazing piece of art to display in your home as well.

Hat size 59, which is size large. I've added an elastic liner to stabilize and make it more comfortable and will fit absolutely all head sizes.


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