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Eye of the storm, is a true wearable work of art. Created during a time of chaos, you'll notice the iridescent blue sky fabric being overtaken by the black netting representing the clouds, metaphorically rolling in. The centerpiece of the hat is a Swarovski crystal-encrusted hand-painted eye, which is shedding one single blue crystal tear. At the top of the hat, the black filigree metal crown fades from black to gold representing a brighter day ahead, and a light dusting of translucent glitter is the promise of a sparkly new day. Filled with meaning and attention to detail, this hat is not only stunning but comfortable and easy to wear.

Rock your fancyVANDALS hat at a party or festival, then display it as art Perfect for burning man, music festival, garden party, costume contest, or a Monday afternoon

Eye of the Storm

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