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Inspired by the unique pattern and unlikely retro color palette, I picked up the front and back appliqués with no real plan, but something about it just felt right. Looking through my fabrics at home, I came across a swatch of fabric that I’ve been holding onto for YEARS, with no real reason other than the feeling it would come it handy one of these days. Well TODAY WAS THAT DAY. The colors and patterns blend seamlessly between the front /back and epaulettes. Vegan leather fringe gives the piece a bit of a rock and roll edge and I always keep it fancy with the the right about of bling.

LEAVE YOUR BRA AT HOME, this is the perfect peekaboo burning man top you’ve been looking, light wear easy to wear. All one piece, just toss over your head and your good to go. Looks high maintenance but it’s not. Just like us 😊

Retro disco fringe: by fancyVANDALS burning man top and epaulettes

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