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As the myth goes, Sirens are beautiful creatures who lure sailors out to the sea with their songs out to the sea where they meet their death. The sirens enchant all who come near them. Once the sailors are under the spill of their song it means certain death, and the siren collects the treasures.

Inspired by Holmer's odyssey I created this hat with the Sirens in mind. The gold iridescent base is partially covered with netting, just like a fish caught in a net. There are layers and layers of gold chains, jewels, and crystals representing the fortune the sirens would collect. One gold-adorned eye sits in the middle always watching and waiting for prey. Two gold beetles with inlaid stones crawl around the hat as the beauty of the sirens was an illusion and something more mischievous was at hand.

Just like the sirens, this hat draws all the attention and makes the wearer feel irresistible. It's not just a costume... it's a story, a personality. It's wearable art.

This is a size large hat, to which I added an elastic liner which makes it comfortable and fit all head sizes. The necklaces are detachable. Wear this hat to burning man, music festivals, costume parties, on a Monday just because, or display in your home as this art it is

Siren Song

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